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One common perception among immigrants is that they do not have the legal standing to fight for their own rights. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Immigration law firm actually specialize in cases such as yours, when everything may seem so hopeless.


Toronto Immigration Lawyer Office

Feeling Overwhelmed by the laws of Immigration?

Don’t be. Allow us to lend you a helping hand.

Admittedly, it can be a scary prospect to fight for your rights and the stakes include a possible ban from entering Canada’s shores ever again.

However, our skillful immigration solicitors have a combined experience of over 20 years, and rely on that experience to craft a legal strategy to drastically improve your chances of staying in Canada.

When you hire us, we will immediately assign a designated legal practitioner to your case that will suit your specific needs. This lawyer is dedicated to making sure you get the best legal representation possible.



Why Not Hire Visa Processing Firms?

Some applicants may opt to hire third-party agencies to process their visa applications while thinking that they are saving a lot of money.

However, you may be surprised to realize that you are ultimately spending the same amount of money if you hire legal experts on Canadian immigration law.

Another advantage over the other guys is our extensive connected network and trusted resources. Being a specialist in the industry allowed us to develop a unique insight into the legal community, and attract the most suitable, Legal Professional specifically for your needs.

This means that your chance of winning your case will most certainly increase when you hire our immigration attorneys.

When you invest in us, we invest in you;

Best Immigration Lawyers Toronto

Our Services Include:

  • Application for permanent resident status through federal express entry, residency based on family class, and provincial nominees
  • Application for humanitarian and compassionate grounds
  • Business immigration
  • Service Canada Validations
  • Work visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Student visas
  • Refugee assistance
  • Reviews on detention and immigration cases
  • NAFTA and GATT employment transfers

Our immigration attorney can also represent you in a federal case involving immigration laws.

How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost?

You have a choice of an hourly rate or a flat fee. For simple cases on immigrant rights, the law office or the attorney will set a fixed rate.

Unlike criminal cases, however, immigration law firms rarely offer their services pro bono because of the high fees associated with immigration cases. The paperwork, permits to be filed, documents to be photocopied, in addition to agency fees will come out of the client’s pockets.

For instance, the filing of the rudimentary forms alone will cost at least $300. The Canadian government also requires application fees, which will add to the cost.

Just so you have an idea of the expenses, the basic fee for the immigration lawyer is around $400.

However, we are one of the few law firms that offer immigration help to indigents for a much-reduced rate. Call us today and ask us how.


Don’t Speak English?

We have you covered.

We hired a battery of lawyers with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

If you are having a hard time communicating in English, don’t worry. Our services can assist you in Spanish, Tagalog, French, Punjabi, Italian, Polish, Persian (Farsi), Arabic, and Chinese. We also have a team of translators on standby for other languages.

Simply put, we are building up a legal strategy for you. It’s our responsibility to insure that you receive the appropriate quality of legal service in a language you understand for what lies ahead.

Canada is a preferred destination for immigrants because of its healthcare and labour laws. It’s also a country that provides an opportunity to raise a family.

Be that as it may, the Canadian government has set several laws that may complicate your intention of migrating here for good.

We are here to help hurdle those challenges.

Free Lawyer Consultation

Our immigration lawyer offers free consultation in Toronto and all of the GTA, if you are worried about the cost.  Allow us to lift that burden off your shoulders so you get the best advice possible.

Whatever you decide, you are armed with the right information to make a sound judgment.

Some law offices will charge up to a $100 for the initial consultation.

However, we offer a free lawyer advice if you call now. There are no hidden charges and you are not even required to commit to hiring our immigration law office to handle your case.

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